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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take?

Depending on how large the body part is and what finish you select would vary the sitting time.  Baby hands & feet generally take about half an hour (not including the time taken to select frames and colours). Larger body casts can take approximately between 1-2 hours.

Do you have a mobile service?

Yes.  Please refer to pricing chart for details.

Is the impression material safe?

Absolutely! All our impression material (alginate, silicone and bandages) is 100% safe and medically certified. 

How long will the finished product take?

Times will vary slightly due to curing & setting times and depending on which product is chosen.  Please allow between 3-4 weeks depending on the product selected.  

Can I see a sample of any of your products?

Yes.   You are welcome to visit our display room with various samples on display. Please call to arrange an appointment.

What about if I have my own idea of a custom cast?

We welcome any individual ideas you may have and will discuss all your options.  

Please note however, the casting artist will not take impressions of any male genitals or distasteful poses.

Do I need to shave or wax?

If the area being casted has long hair, i.e. male chest, it is essential that the hair be removed prior to your appointment, otherwise it can be a painful process removing the impression!  

Hair on hands or arms is acceptable as vaseline in used for easy removal without effecting the desired outcome of the cast.

What about privacy?

Casting Memories will make sure your experience is safe, comfortable, enjoyable and confidential.   We realise that there are various poses that require the removal of garments and this can raise concern.  Taking place in a locked room, in no circumstance will we publish or reveal any information or images without your consent.

When is it a good time to cast my pregnant belly?

The choice is yours! Many prefer to cast their belly between 32-36 weeks to admire their belly at its largest point.   Any time after 36 weeks may be uncomfortable as you will be required to pose and/or sit for a minimum of 1 hour without moving.

How old should my baby be to cast their hands/feet?

From birth your baby or child can be casted. Ideally before 5 months is easier as they tend to be more still during the impression process and have less strength to remove their hands and feet.  Some babies actually sleep through the process! Movement is always inevitable, however unless the baby is vigorously moving about, this should not pose a problem and any age is a good age!

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