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Why Casting Memories?

1.  Full Casts:

We do not cut down your casts to suit the shadow boxes, we custom  make our shadow boxes to suit your cast. Full fists and ankles are included giving you a much better and realistic product to admire.

2.  Wooden Shadow Boxes:

Our shadow boxes are not cardboard boxes taped to the back, each box  is made of wood, which is stained to the colour of the frame. Aprofessional finish that is more durable and protects your precious casts.

3. Custom Casts:

We appreciate that every hand, foot and body is different and so too are family demographics, requests and ideas. We invite your suggestions and will try our upmost to accommodate within the scope of our expertise.

4. Custom Made Frames, Stands and Bases:

No cast is ever the same. With every unique cast and every unique home or office a custom made frame, stand or base can be made to suit.


5. Not a Franchise:

Casting Memories is a family business that is passionate about our work and cares about your unique needs. We take great pride in our service and  we are not limited to a prescribed list on what products we produce. Our frames are not pre-ordered in bulk, we custom make each one therefore we can make every box, stand or base to suit your unique cast or room.

6. Working Hours:

We understand that many of us go to work and/or have family and home commitments. That is why we offer flexible hours including weekends.

7. Mobile Service:

Casting Memories offers a convenient mobile service to almost all areas in Melbourne.  This is suitable for small jobs

(i.e. hands and feet).   Large or complex casts will need to be done in our studio, so feel free to contact us for  a quote.

8. Bereavement Service:

It is always a difficult time when losing a loved one and Casting Memories understands that this can be very emotional and traumatic. A 3D cast is a precious memento to have and cherish.  This Bereavement Service is approached with upmost care, sensitivity and respect to all those involved.

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